Back in 2015, I got the Trump bug. I felt that he was our only hope. Globally and as a flagship for future sanity and progress.

I stumbled upon a little known group of Trump supporters who hailed out of Alabama. They called themselves Right Side Broadcasting Network. And they travelled to where ever Trump was rallying and, with Lord knows what equipment, broadcast his rallies via youtube.

The picture quality was grainy, the coverage patchy, the passion and commitment was exemplary. I was hooked.

I became an RSBN junkie and remain so to this day. 

But they have just been banned from youtube, effectively cutting off Trump's main uncensored, full coverage for the upcoming 2020 election. 

Shaydee just wrote an article about just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, BAM. It does.



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Can you believe this? Seriously? A Melbourne Council is going to spend thousands of dollars to remove brand new armrests from public benches so the homeless can sleep on them. Bugger the oldies who like to sit down and enjoy a sit in the park or just get out and take the air. Oh, hell no, we cannot have that, can we?

Socialist Councillor Sue Bolton has convinced the council to be more inclusive. In doing so, she has marginalised all the oldies who need a bit of a help when getting up… how bloody inclusive is that?!

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry, pull my hair out or take to the drink…. 



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When, on 20th April 1653, Oliver Cromwell blasted the Rump Parliament in Britain, he gave a speech that could well be delivered in Parliaments around the world today. His passionate words were those of a man who had had a gutful of the lying, self serving people who were betraying their country to get a slice of a very corrupt and tainted pie.

When I re read this speech this morning, I could not help but think that it is time for a global cleanout of the cesspits we call Parliament and how our Politicians are over fed vultures feeding on the Carcass of the People they were elected to protect and represent.



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In November of last year, I launched Patriotrealm. It was a launch from frustration, anger, despair and hope that those of us who gave a damn could make a difference.

How much has changed in 9 months?

The time it takes to make a baby? The time it similarly takes to murder an unwanted child? The time it takes to destroy a life is the same time it takes to make one.

We are in the sluice room folks. And the windows are open, the forceps have been used and we are gasping for air. I am not sure if there are any comfort rugs or friendly arms to embrace us. I suspect that we are on our own and about to take our last breath. 

Unless we have the nurturing arms of each other and the warmth and comfort that will keep us safe.

Our lives depend upon each other. And we must stand united. 



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We quiet and easy going Australians are being told to enter into a Marriage that we neither want nor need. A Forced Marriage that is hurting us and bruising us and breaking our spirits.

It depends upon who you support: Bully or Victim. Over the past decades, we have been in a forced marriage. As Nations and as individuals. We, the Native population get slapped on the face and our enforced partner in marriage, the Refugee, the Migrant, the unwanted partner in Marriage, can do anything they want and get a slap on the wrist.  Thanks to our Governments. This defence of the Bully interloper and the prosecution of the unwilling partner has to stop.



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We just went through a few nervous days when our homes and lives were under threat. Bush fires were raging and licking the lamp posts of our homes and lives.

Can we get some Common sense back in to Government? Some back burns, some water policies, some dams, some old fashioned logic?

Not some bull crap leftie lunacy that would see our Country burn in order to protect the United Nations agenda of Climate Change?



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Last night, I woke up to the phone ringing. It was about 11 pm. I rolled over and thought " who the hell could be calling me at this time of night? "

No doubt those bastards who ring and tell me that my internet is faulty or my phone is in need of assistance if I pay a zillion dollars.

I ignored it and went back to sleep. Not long after, the phone rang again. And again.

By this stage, I was so sick of hearing the phone ring that I got up, prepared to slang in to whoever it was.

It was my 87 year old  Mum.

She told me that a bush fire was rather close to her and her neighbourhood and was told to leave and that her home was in imminent danger.

For me, it seemed that things were critical. It was extremely bad.



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I was recently trolled by a serial coward online  who calls itself Tigerbalm and here is what it said:

“ The drivel printed by Patriot Realm is not worth seeking out. Directing people to her blog to increase traffic seems just a little bit too obvious. As far as my insensitivity and ignorance goes, well I won’t accept the ignorant label and the insensitivity is usually directed at people who throw stones directly at me, being labelled a paedophile and practising beastiality can rub one up the wrong way. You’ve witnessed the scum and the revolting language here, so get over yourself. “

Well, sweetheart, you are a member of the crew that applaud bullshit and, quite frankly, if the cap fits, wear it. And you can wear your cap of crap with pride.



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It is beyond abhorrent that our elderly are being NOT cared for despite being in the so called care homes in  Australia. 

I am not sure who I am more angry with : the Government for allowing it to happen, the families for allowing it to happen or the so called care providers for allowing it to happen.

These people are the fathers and mothers, daughters and sons, grandparents of Australians. Too busy and too preoccupied to give a damn about those that gave them life.

More importantly, this disregard is a symptom of what is to come. 

The Era of the wimp, the coward and the ill informed.

Private enterprise is all for profit .



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